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Shore Appeal Matters

The Potts had outgrown their '80s era summer home.  They needed to accommodate both their growing adult family and plan well for post-retirement year round life. They first considered renovating.  After consulting with Mark, they decided to start fresh, increasing square footage and water views.  It was important, though, that the new house tuck into the shoreline as seamlessly as their old home had. 

Do you see the false windowfront?  The plans moved the original home's kitchen from the street to the beachside, but the counter height window disrupted the smooth symmetry of the wall.  Together, the homeowners and Mark came up with the solution.  They masked the shorter window (right top) with black panels that mimic the reflective glass of the dining and living room windows to the left.

Natural Light without Windows

Inevitably, design changes mean gaining one thing but giving up another...but not if Mark can help it.

When the Potts decided to move the garage two feet to accommodate another entry to their new home, they lost a window in the master bath. Judy loves natural light, so Mark suggested they use a Solar Tube. Because light bends, a solar tube lens can be placed virtually anywhere on the roof, then the tube is guided to the interior space where the light is wanted.

Once the Potts made their choice, Mark started hunting for the precise tube needed.  

About 10 o'clock that evening, Gary Potts took a phone call.  Mark had found what they wanted at a supplier nearly two hours from the jobsite and even further from his home.  Looking at his watch, Gary asked why Mark was out so late hunting for a solar tube.

Mark Diamond's response? "You hired me to do the job, and I'm going to get it done right." 
Timeless Looks through Fine Craftsmanship

Many clients want to build or remodel homes that are up-to-date and energy efficient while retaining the timeless look of the Lakes Region cottages they remember.  

Clean Cut's master carpenters are proud of their achievements in natural wood, beadboard and tongue and groove.  If a picture tells a thousand words, you can read 3,000 right here.

Completely Custom

When clients asked Clean Cut to incorporate homegrown lumber throughout their home, Clean Cut meticulously handburned 2200 square feet of wood on site.  See how the heat naturally enhances the grain of the wood?
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